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At Talent Propeller we understand how demanding job hunting can be. That’s why we promise to be disruptive, innovative and creative to make the job hunting process as easy and enjoyable as possible. The fundamental values and beliefs that drive how we operate include:

There is more to you than just what your CV demonstrates.

That is why we passionately promote including skills testing and aptitude testing to demonstrate your skills and potential as well as your experience.

Communication on your
application is key.

That is why we developed our technology platform, to create a direct link between you and the company you have applied to, giving real-time updates on your application.

Everyone should have access to a well-designed resume.

This is why we offer a free CV makeover service by our team of graphic designers.

Innovation will take us into the future, making recruitment faster and easier.

This is why we equally balance technology with human connection and focus heavily on developing new software to create better and faster connections between you and the companies you apply to.

Join thousands of Australians who are parts of the Talent Propeller community.


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Access to free skills tests to showcase your skills

Free resume makeover

Free career consults

Hear about jobs before they are advertised

Our innovation will help you stand out


Discover the best job opportunities

As a member of the Talent Propeller community, you’ll receive early notifications about new job openings before they’re publicly advertised. This gives you the advantage of being able to apply before others do.

All of our clients advertise their job vacancies on our website, so you can easily see which companies are hiring and decide if they’re a good match for you. We never conceal our clients’ identities, so you can view their websites and learn about their organizations.


Job ads placed every month


Candidates visit our platform every month

Track how your applications are progressing in real-time

Make the waiting game less painful by using our technology platform. When you create an account, you can track al of your application in real time via your own secure portal.

Is your application still being reviewed? Or has it been shortlisted? Keeping up to date enables you to be prepared for a phone or face-to-face interview request.

Show the world your skills

We understand it is hard to showcase all of your skills on a CV alone, so that is why we have designed and built a range of bespoken skill tests, so you can include these in your applications. Typing, data entry, spelling and grammar, numeracy and programming tests are just a few that we offer.

If you can make yourself stand out from the other aplicants, and highlight your skills relevent to the job you are applying for, you will be a far stronger candidate to end up on the shortlist!


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